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With a countless number of lakes, as well as the coastline, there is an abundance of beautiful swimming/bathing spots.

This also makes the county of Hälsingland a true Mecca when it comes to great fishing.



Swedish forests are not dense and Hälsingland is much undulated with lots of accessible mountains, an ideal combination for hiking, and just around the corner from the guest house are tracks of various length stretching beautifully through the forest.



Rent one of our sets and enjoy these picturesque and high quality courses.

  • 25 minutes by car to the golf clubs of both Söderhamn and Bollnäs.

  • 50 minutes by car to the golf club of Hudiksvall.

  • 60 minutes by car to the golf club of Gävle.



  • 30 minutes by car to Bolleberget in the neighbouring town of Bollnäs, which boasts 5 runs, 3 lifts, and restaurant.

  • 65 minutes by car to Järvsö, which boasts 20 runs, 8 lifts, 4 conveyor belts for the little ones, and numerous restaurants and cafeterias. Without a doubt a great place for families.

  • 75 minutes by car to Kungsberget, which boasts 18 runs, 10 lifts, and restaurant.

  • 95 minutes by car to Hassela Ski Resort, which boasts 16 runs, 7 lifts, 1 conveyor belt, and restaurant.



  • 10 minute walk to Bergvik’s sports ground, with 1,5 / 2,5 & 5km tracks, where the 5km track has flood lights.

  • 15 minutes by car to Hällmyra in Söderhamn, which boasts top class tracks of 2,5 / 5 & 10km tracks. All have flood lights.



  • Rent one of our bicycles and head out and explore the lovely countryside.

  • Take your children for some fun in the snow with our sled and snow racer.

  • Play outdoor tennis at Bergvik’s sports ground (10 minute walk), or indoor tennis at Hällåsen in Söderhamn (15 minute drive).

  • Enjoy some bowling, miniature golf, or ping pong in central Söderhamn (15 minute drive).

  • Go ice skating at Bergvik’s sports ground (10 minute walk), or at Hällåsen in Söderhamn (15 minute drive).



  • 15 minutes by car to the bath house Aquarena in central Söderhamn, which for e.g. boasts water slides, 1, 3 & 5m high trampolines, and cafeteria.

  • 15 minutes by car to the play house Kuliversum in central Söderhamn.

  • 75 minutes by car to Furuvik just south of Gävle, a lovely day out with funfair and outdoor zoo in a very picturesque setting.



  • Visit the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Decorated Farm Houses of Hälsingland. They are a unique part of Swedish history and culture, and truly breath-taking inside and out. If this is something that could be of interest to you we are more than happy to arrange visits.

  • Enjoy a grand tour of the Söderhamn archipelago on the tour boat M/s Moa.

  • Visit the cute village Växbo, where you find a one of a kind shop with locally produced products from the flower flax, and a restaurant serving great food in a wonderful setting (25 minutes by car).

  • Visit the picturesque fishing village of Skärså, which also boasts a very popular fish restaurant with some spectacular views (30 minutes by car).

  • Enjoy an exotic horse sleigh ride during winter at Tur & Ton (50 minutes by car).

  • Soak up some magnificent views at Avholmsberget (60 minutes by car).


We look forward to welcoming you to Bergvik & Hälsingland.


/ Per, Mayuko, Björn & Leiya

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